Hydrogen Embrittlement

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NanoSolutions Testing Facilitiesí Specialty.† By following ASTM Standards F1624 and F519, testing any material, plating process, the plating itself, and the effects on a material if its coating is damaged can all be achieved rapidly, and inexpensively.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing

Text Box: Using ASTM F1624, NanoSolutions Testing Facilities can quantify the threshold value of materials, plating, and even actual product, as affected by an environment.

Environmental Hydrogen testing

Text Box: By plating certified specimens per ASTM F 519, NanoSolutions Testing Facilities can evaluate your testing bath and process within a few days of testing

Using ASTM F1624, a standardized environment, and cathodic charging NanoSolutions Testing Facilities can rapidly measure the KISCC value of a material.

KIscc testing

Plating Bath certification

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