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KIscc testing

Using rapid and inexpensive methods based on ASTM F1624, NanoSolutions can provide valid KISCC values in a few weeks using Charpy sized SEN(B) specimens.  KIscc testing requires only 5 Single Edge Notched (SEN) square bar or Notched Round Bar (NRB) specimens. 

Using a loading rate dependent on the hardness, KISCC can be measured by putting the sample (submerged in a cathodic environment) under stress per ASTM F 1624 to achieve a threshold stress intensity value.  Testing typically requires a few days per specimen.  KISCC per ASTM E1681 can require up to ten thousand hours to provide the same result.

Above: A notched round bar sample in a cathodic environment

Determining the threshold for a sample in an embrittling environment

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Phone: 714-394-3628


Left: A notched round bar sample in a testing frame