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ASTM E 1290


ASTM E1290 is a test method that covers the determination of critical crack-tip opening displacement (CTOD) values at one or more of several crack extension events, and may be used to measure cleavage crack initiation toughness for materials that exhibit a change from ductile to brittle behavior with decreasing temperature, such as ferritic steels. This test method applies specifically to notched specimens sharpened by fatigue cracking. The loading rate is slow and influences of environment (other than temperature) are not covered.


This test method characterizes the fracture toughness (KIc) of materials through the determination of crack-tip opening displacement (CTOD).  This test method may be used to characterize the toughness of materials for which the properties and thickness of interest preclude the determination of Klc fracture toughness in accordance with Test Method E 399, allowing the use of sub-sized specimens to estimate KIc.



Types of Force Versus Clip Gage Displacement Records

Test Method for determining Critical CrackTip opening displacement (CTOD) from which the linear elastic fracture toughness (KIC) can be determined.

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