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Damage Tolerance Index

NanoSolutions has developed methods for determining the Damage Tolerance Index (DTI) from ASTM E604, “Standard Test Method for Dynamic Tear Testing of Metallic Materials”.  When combined with CTOD per ASTM E1290, a material’s complete fracture behavior can be characterized from a few Charpy-sized SEN(B) specimens.


The  DTI is used to show the transition from ductile to brittle behavior caused by size effects.  For example, as bolt diameter gets larger, the toughness of the material needs to be increased to ensure a ductile failure mode.  DTI quantifies the toughness needed to maintain a ductile failure mode.


The Dynamic Tear (DT) test involves a single-edge notched beam that is impact loaded in threepoint bending, and the total energy loss during separation is recorded. The DT specimens are fractured with pendulum or drop-weight machines.


Dynamic Tear Test Specimen, Anvil Supports, and Striker

Index relating the toughness of a material to its other properties

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Phone: 714-394-3628